To the celebrations on 16.11. (foundation day of Kirpal Sagar) also some guests came from the west.

During the tour 10. and 11.11. we went out to the freshly cultivated fields. In addition to the conversion to organic farming (which has already largely progressed), the type of planting is now also being optimized.


Mixed cultivation improves soil life on the one hand and improves yields on the other. 

Through the cultivation of vegetables, a short-term yield is possible, fruit cultivation medium-term and tree plantings long-term yield. This also serves as a helpful example for farmers in the surrounding area and in India.

To a certain extent, the experience gained can also be helpful in the West or worldwide.

During the tours we saw, among other things, the sowing of cauliflower seeds, which is carried out 1-2 times a week by a group of volunteers (Sangat). In one day about 40,000 seeds can be brought in and cultivated as small plants.

The drip irrigation is already designed for very large areas and does a good job in saving valuable water and even distribution. 

In addition, self-produced micronutrients are sprayed out instead of chemical yield-increasing agents.

Further inspection of the Champion breed, which produces a daily yield of approx. 600 kg Champions

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