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From 30.10. to 02.11. a first aid workshop "Schüler retten Leben" took place at the Academy, which was led by a German doctor.

He brought his team with him - his children (14 and 16 years old), who were able to contribute their previous knowledge as school paramedics and enjoyed the practical exercises with the Indian pupils. In four days, 250 students from grades 9 to 12 took part in the course. In addition, the headmistress, Mrs. Madhu Aeri, seconded two teachers so that they could also take part in the workshop. The aim was to provide first aid skills at the Academy that are not normally taught at Indian schools.

The students learned valuable things that they won't forget so quickly. They practiced them with great enthusiasm and visibly enjoyed interacting with the foreign team. They heard how important it is to always feel responsible, to just start and take one step at a time until professional help arrives. You can't doubt yourself, because any help is better than no help!

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The German students also enjoyed the workshops and took valuable experience with them. Surely they will tell their school friends about the beautiful sides of India that can be found in Kirpal Sagar. What impressed them the most was the ability of the Indians to share with others. So they told that in the evening they met a small group of Indian girls. Each girl carried two samosas, popular potato dumplings, in her hand, which she immediately wanted to share with them.



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