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Unity of Man
Unity of Man points to the fact that all life is one. Since this can be experienced by every human being, we can also overcome duality and consequently, the deception of death as well.

On the occasion of the Unity of Man World Conference in 1974, Sant Kirpal Singh showed, how this awareness of unity will bring about a fundamental change in human society.

The Idea of Unity of Man was once again initiated and handend over to mankind. It is not under control of anybody outside, but it is very near to all, who take it seriously and develop with it.


Kirpal Sagar 
Further Informations about Kirpal Sagar in German and other languages.

 Sant Kirpal Singh

Teachings of Sant Kirpal Singh
This website contains the universal teaching of Sant Kirpal Singh, as far it can be written. It contains a collection of His books, lectures and heart-to-heart talks and some videos. 



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